"Infinite Possibilities"
Joe Kenney, Sculptor
Email: Joe@JoeKenneySculpture.com
Phone: 512-943-0020
"Infinite Possibilities"
Joe Kenney copyright 2019
Created for Indoor or Outdoor - Quiet Space
A fine art bronze sculpture comprised of a complex design of three infinity symbols presented as one to represent the
infinite possibilities of life's journey, spirituality and our interconnectedness.  Viewers can rotate the sculpture by
hand.  This feature is designed to encourage thinking about possibilities in whatever area arises in the mind.

As viewers turn or walk around the sculpture in an outdoor space, they will observe movement in the design with
unlimited reflections of light from reflecting on a solid metal object.  The abstractness of the sculpture is a
presentation to evoke personal thoughts exploring infinite possibilities.  

"Peoples Choice" Award, Image 2015, Texas State University, Round Rock.
"Infinite Possibilities" 32-inch tall bronze to be place on a 40-inch pedestal standing 6-feet tall
"Infinite Possibilities" in Rotation with half sphere base to represent the globe.