Joe Kenney Sculpture

About Senator Maxine E. Horner

The sculpture of Senator Horner by Joe Kenney is in the permanent collection of the Oklahoma
Jazz Hall of Fame.

Senator Maxine E. Horner served in the Oklahoma State Legislature for over 18 years before
retiring.  Senator Horner was the first African American Women Senator for Oklahoma.  She held
the position as Democratic Caucus Chair, Vice Chair, Adult Literacy Advisory Comm,
Appropriations, Education and Chair, Government Operations, Judiciary, Redistricting,
Congressional Redistricting and Tourism.

Senator Horner is best known for commitment to education and the arts.  She is the founder of the
Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame located in downtown Tulsa in the historic and restored train depot
building – The Jazz Depot celebrated its 20th year.  She has received numerous awards including
being inducted into the Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame, the Oklahoma Afro-American Hall of
Fame in 1999.

She was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1933.  Senator Horner graduated from Booker T. Washington
High School and received her BA from Langston University.
Sculpture of Senator Horner at Jazz Hall of Fame - CLICK HERE
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