"Eternal Flame of Spirituality"
Contact: Joe Kenney, Sculptor
Email: Joe@JoeKenneySculpture.com
Phone: 512-943-0020

"Eternal Flame of Spirituality”

The fine art bronze sculpture comprised of a complex design of infinity symbols represents the eternal flame of
spirituality and our interconnectedness.  The flame of spirituality is placed on a half-sphere to symbolize a view
of half of the earth’s globe.  

As viewers walk around the sculpture in a quiet outdoor space, they will observe movement in the design with
unlimited reflections of light from a solid metal object.  The abstractness of the sculpture is a presentation to
evoke personal thoughts of the meaning of spirituality and the divine.  The artist’s design concept is for the
bronze sculpture to be about seven feet tall so that viewers will look upward, around and down while being
open to reflect on what may be needed at that time and place.

Sculpture will be placed on a pedestal/base to be determined based upon the setting.

Patina: Proposed color to give a beautiful fine art marble-like bronze appearance.
About Joe Kenney, the Sculptor:

He began focusing his full-time creative energy on figurative sculpture in 2001 after retiring in his mid-50’s as
the chief executive officer of a health management company he founded.  Joe studied figurative and
monumental sculpture for two and one-half years at the University of Oklahoma under Paul Moore, Sculptor in
Residence who has sculpted more than 130 commissions, and Sohail Shedada, Instructor who has completed
numerous commissions.

Since 2005, over thirty (30) pieces of Mr. Kenney’s sculptures have been installed in museum, public,
educational and religious settings.  Exhibitions of his works were held in London, New York City, Baltimore,
Columbus, Ohio, Tulsa, Austin and Texas communities between 2006 and 20

Bronze Casting:

The sculpture created by Joe Kenney will be cast in bronze at Deep in the Heart Art Foundry, Bastrop, Texas, a
well-known foundry specializing in monumental bronze sculpture.  This fine art foundry has excellent group of
experienced artisans producing bronzes for top sculptors.
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Bronze Sculpture For a Prayer Garden
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"Eternal Flame" Half sphere base to represents our world
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