Joe Kenney Sculpture Studios - Clay and Digital Creations
Joe is completing clay on "Little Flower" - an Osage Indian Girl 2006.
"Sarah Dancing" - 18-inch sculpture in clay.
Available for casting in bronze
"Richard" Life self portrait by Joe Kenney
Joe Kenney Studio ©
Lady Bird Johnson Sculpture at Wildflower Center
Sculpture of Lady Bird Johnson (work in process)
Photo taken at the University of Texas-Austin, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center - CLICK HERE to Visit
Sequoyah - A Cherokee Leader
"Sequoyah" Life size - Clay
Invented the Cherokee written language
Available for casting in bronze
"Savoie Lottinville"  37-inch clay for        
University of Oklahoma, Norman
Bizelle Memorial Library niche
About "Sequoyah" - Click Here
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Video - Clay to Bronze Casting by Joe Kenney
Governor Dan Moody (1893-1966).  Life-size standing sculpture
cast in bronze for placement in Taylor, Texas.
"Eternal Flame of Spirituality"  Design for a 7-ft. tall bronze
sculpture in a prayer garden.
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Photo by Ellen Greeney
Digital Studio - Creating with "Digital Clay" by sculpting using a Wacom pen tool
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Clay Sculpture Studio
Digital Sculpture Studio
Sculpting in Clay and Virtual 3D Software are my primary mediums for designing and creating solid objects.   
Video - 3D Virtual Sculpt to Bronze by Joe Kenney
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"Loving Relationship" Sculpture designs.
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